OG Model "NEW" Bat Tail

OG Model "NEW" Bat Tail

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Well we just could not help our selves. We collaborated with old friend and new team rider Joe Grodzen to un leash his new model the OG.

Mr. Grodzen re tuned his original shape and tweaked in some killer hip channel and wing tail up grades while sticking with the classic polypro stinger variations you have come to love over the years.


So here it is hot off the press the new OG. Get yours today!


OG stats:

42" Length x12" Nose x Width 21.25"@ Tail 19"x17.78"

Core: Polypro

Stinger: 1, 2 or 3 are available.


Also available in 40" and 41" sizes.

Joe Grodzen at home break hitting up some DK action. from cartel usa on Vimeo.


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